If you or your child tests positive to COVID-19, please notify the school on 82694622. 

All visitors who are not employed by DfE, please phone/email to make contact with the school.

$5 million to upgrade existing buildings and provide additonal capacity.

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2022 School Leadership Team

2022 School Leadership Team

Jenny Parhas - Principal 



Toni Ballard - Deputy Principal

Toni is the Deputy Principal at Nailsworth Primary School,  meaning she  can deputise for the principal should the need arise.

Together with the school’s principal, Toni ensures the safe and functional operation of the school site.  This encompasses ensuring all departmental policies are adhered, learning outcomes are met and our school provides a safe, welcoming and optimum learning and working environment for all staff and students.

A key component of Toni's position is leading the support and guidance in inclusive education to produce better outcomes for the one in four students with functional needs. She oversees the strategic and coordinated action required to contribute to the improved learning and development outcomes for these students. Toni supports staff to build their capabilities to provide high standard quality teaching and learning programs with inclusive philosophies.

Toni looks forward to making new connections and strengthening held relationships with our school’s families as she fulfils her position’s many roles. 


 Jodie Ralph - Assistant Principal (Leading Learning and Pedagogy) 

Jodie has been a teacher at Nailsworth Primary for 11 years, and an Assistant Principal for the last 2. This year, her role is Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning Pedagogy.

Pedagogy is most commonly understood as the approach to teaching and is the theory and practice of learning. We are basing our work on our Site Improvement Plan (SIP), and Jodie will be working closely with teachers on High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) and other high learning yield approaches. It is an exciting time for our students to be exposed to different approaches and enhance their engagement and ownership of their learning.

Jodie's vision for pedagogy at NPS is a school where your child is at the centre and professional collaboration, best practice and consistency drives a high achieving learning culture.

Jodie is excited about working with our students, staff, leaders, and the wider school community to bring this vision to life.


 Jake Blunt - Assistant Principal (Leading Learning and Innovation) 

Jake been a teacher for 9 years and spent his first year in educational leadership last year. Over the past 5 years, Jake has become particularly interested and passionate about innovation, re-thinking learning design and continually questioning whether our traditional teaching methodologies are still the best way to educate our students.  

Jake's vision is to challenge the students of Nailsworth Primary School to develop innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets, immersing them in authentic challenges and opportunities from the world around them. Our collaborative and professional teaching practice ensures our learning design and teacher pedagogies are leading-edge, enabling students to establish and maintain business, industry, educational and community connections. Students are supported to use technology in purposeful ways, working alongside others to think critically & creatively; equipping them with the skills, knowledge and capabilities they need to explore, relate to, understand and flourish in an ever-changing world. 

Jake is excited to work with students, staff and the broader school community to challenge default thinking and promote curiosity, creativity and innovation.  


Marika Glouftsis - Assistant Principal (Leading Learning and Wellbeing) 

Marika has been a teacher at Nailsworth Primary School for 9 years and has been connected to this wonderful community for most of her life. Supporting student, staff and community wellbeing and promoting positive mental health has been a strong passion of Marikas for many years. 

Learning and wellbeing are closely linked. Children and young people with good wellbeing are more engaged and successful learners. Likewise gaining a good education is a key contributor to positive lifelong wellbeing outcomes.

At Nailsworth Primary, building a sense of belonging for all students and families is what guides our core values. We pride ourselves on our strong community and inclusive education practice which allow all students to flourish and feel safe and supported.

This year, Marika's vision for her role in Leading Learning and Wellbeing is to:

  • Build a whole school approach to wellbeing by developing a NPS Wellbeing for Learning Framework 
  • Embed wellbeing and positive behaviour support practices that are inclusive and foster respectful relationships
  • Promote student agency and provide opportunities for authentic student decision making and change
  • Support families, work in partnership, value diversity and celebrate our multicultural community

Marika is looking forward to working in collaboration with leaders, staff, students and families to promote wellbeing, safety and positive learning outcomes for all students at Nailsworth Primary School.