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Student Use of Personal Digital Devices

Student use of personal digital devices


This policy provides direction to students, staff and families about managing personal and digital devices that students choose to bring to school. Digital devices include, but are not limited to, mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets or laptops.  This policy also applies while students are at school or attending an authorised school activity.

Mobile phone use for primary school students

The department and the school recognise that there are legitimate reasons for students to bring a personal, digital device to school. This may include:

to ensure their safety while travelling

so that parents can contact them outside of school hours.

The department’s position is that primary aged students cannot use their personal digital devices at school during school hours.

At Nailsworth Primary School, we also do not permit digital devices to be used in the school yard before school from 8:30-8:45 and after school 3:05-3:20pm. In this time we prefer students to be social rather than engaged in digital platforms.

Storage of personal devices

Classes for older students have a secure lockable storage cupboard so personal digital devices can be appropriately stored and not accessible until the end of the day.  At the start of every school day students are required to switch off their digital device, and ensure it is stored for the day. Where students are in rooms without a lockable cupboard they are to bring their device to the front office at the beginning of school.

If the student does not comply

It is expected that students comply with the requirements of the school’s policy and follow all reasonable directions from the Principal and school staff.

Where students use a personal digital device at school without authorisation, consequences will apply. The consequence will be dependent on the context in which the breach occurs, ranging from counselling to confiscation. Breaches that involve bullying or harassment will be dealt with as per the relevant policy. Repeated breaches of the policy will result in confiscation of the digital device.

When a device is confiscated, a parent will be required to meet with the child and a school leader before the device is returned.


It is expected that there will be cases where an exemption from the policy is appropriate.                                      Exemption requests are to be submitted in writing and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If an exemption is granted, students are expected to use their personal device in a safe, responsible and respectful way and support peers to do the same.

Roles and responsibilities                                                                                                                      Teachers will make sure that any student personal device, handed in for their care are stored in a secure location and are returned to the student (or their parent).

All staff will model appropriate use of digital technologies and support families to understand the importance of promoting safe, responsible and respectful use to their children.  All staff are also expected to report and respond to incidents of inappropriate use of personal digital devices in line with department policy and procedures and any legislative requirements.

Students At both home and school, it is expected that students communicate respectfully with others and do not use a digital device to bully, harass or threaten another person. They also respect others’ rights to privacy and do not take photos, film or audio records of other people without their knowledge or permission.

Parents Support the implementation of the school’s policy, including the consequences for non-compliance with the policy.

Use the school’s formal communication channels in all instances to communicate with the school (including where a student requires early collection from school).

Encourage their child to always report to a school staff member, in the first instance, if they become unwell or experience an issue at school.

Recognise the important role they play in supporting their child to use their digital device in a safe, responsible and respectful way.

Communication and review

This policy is a requirement of the Department for Education.

Consultation has been undertaken with Nailsworth Primary School Governing Council, school leadership and staff.

All school policies are published on the school website- school information/ policies

This policy will be reviewed December 2023

Supporting information

Interrelated policies are

school behaviour code, behaviour support policy

school anti-bullying policy

ICT user agreements.

Approved by NPS Governing Council: 7th June 2021