House Teams

Enriching student life

In 2016, four House teams were created to promote and enrich student life, providing a platform for students from Foundation to Year 6 to connect with each other and work together towards common goals and aspirations. 

Upon enrolment at Nailsworth Primary School, students are allocated to a House, in which they remain a part of for their schooling at NPS. 

Students, staff, families and the wider school community were consulted in the naming of the inaugural House names, with a final decision to settle on naming the four houses after our schools surrounding streets/road due to their rich history and significance to the area. 

Our four House teams are:


Balfour Street was named after Lord Arthur James Balfour (1848 to 1930). Balfour succeeded Lord Sailsbury as Prime Minister of the UK, 1902-1905.


Origin Unknown. The land of Emilie Street (section 345 and 346) was granted to Thomas Hudson Beare, the Assistant Manager of the South Australian Company in 1839; his daughter, aged 2, was the first European to set foot on South Australian soil in 1836. Emilie Street was not listed until 1919.


Main North Road is the major north-south arterial route through the suburbs north of the Adelaide City Centre, following the route established in the early years of the colony by explorer John Horrocks. The road was a major route for farmers and graziers to reach the capital, passing through rich farmland and the Clare Valley wine region.


Most likely named after Joshua Thomas (1826 to 1909), a labourer who owned land in the vicinity. Another possibility is Robert Thomas (1782 to 1860) who imported the first printing press into South Australia, and with George Stevenson, founded the colony’s first newspaper. In 1881, Nailsworth Primary School was purpose-built in the street, conforming with the direction of the Education Act of 1875.

The suburb of Nailsworth is named after the birthplace of Enoch Fry (Gloucestershire, England) who acquired the land in the early 1800s. In 1881, Nailsworth Primary School was purpose-built in Thomas Street, conforming to the direction of the Education Act of 1875.


Sports Day is one of the premier events on our school calendar. The day is designed around the philosophy of maximum individual participation (MIP), ensuring all students have the opportunity to participate, compete, work cooperatively with others and enjoy a fun-filled day of physical activity. Sports Day is held at Prospect Oval during the SANFL bye round, which is generally early in Term 2. 


2016 – Thomas 2016 – Balfour
2017 – Horrocks 2017 – Balfour
2018 – Thomas 2018 – Horrocks 
2019 – Thomas  2019 – Emilie 
2020 – cancelled due to COVID-19 2020 – cancelled due to COVID-19
2021 – Horrocks 2021 – Thomas 
2022 – Emilie 2022 – Balfour
2023 – Thomas