Out of School Hours Care

The Nailsworth Primary School OSHC team offers a diverse range of safe, fun, recreational activities with a focus on learning through play for school aged children in our community.

New Enrolments


Hours of operation

Before School Care 6.45am – 8.45am
After School Care 3.05pm – 6.15pm
Vacation Care 7.30am – 6.15pm
Pupil Free Days 6.45am – 6.15pm


Before School Care $14.50
After School Care $25.00

Vacation Care

$65.00 Onsite/Incursion
$75.00 Excursion
Pupil Free Days $65.00

Late fees

The OSHC Service closes at 6.15 pm. If you have not signed out your child/ren by this time, you will be charged a late pickup fee.  The fee is $1.00 per minute for the first 15 minutes, and $5.00 a minute thereafter. 

Bookings and Cancellations

Bookings for Before and After School Care can be made by emailing nailsworthoshc@gmail.com, calling 8344 9700 or sending an SMS to 0497 857 049.  Casual bookings can be made on the day as long as we have spaces available to book, as we are legally required to keep within our mandated ratios.

Cancellations of bookings for care throughout the term must be made by emailing nailsworthoshc@gmail.com or sending a text to 0497 857 049.  All cancellations require two business days’ notice prior to the session commencing (does not include weekends or public holidays).  Cancellation of bookings with less than two business days’ notice, or if a child is absent without notice, will incur the full fee. In the case of your child being unwell and a medical certificate can be provided, the fee will be waived.  For any unforeseen circumstances, it will be at the discretion of OSHC leadership

Payment Options

OSHC invoices are sent weekly and can be paid via QKR, Bpoint, Eftpos or cash. 


Download QKR Guide


Download Bpoint Instructions

Debit Card and Credit Card payments can be made when dropping off or collecting a child, or over the phone. 

Cash payments can be taken by the OSHC educators, but electronic payments are preferred. 


Food and Nutrition

Breakfast and an afternoon snack are provided every day. 

Breakfast is available between 6.45 and 8.10 am, and we offer a range of cereals, toast, yoghurt and milk.  

Afternoon snack comprises of a fruit and/or vegetable platter and a second savoury option and on occasion a sweet treat. 

The menu is displayed in the OSHC room and considers allergies and dietary requirements for all children.  Nailsworth Primary School OSHC is a nut free environment, as such we ask that children do not bring foods that contain nuts to OSHC. 



The Nailsworth Primary School OSHC service recognises that extra-curricular activities can provide a valuable option for children to participate in activities that support their growth, development and interests.  The service will work with families to support the access of such activities.  Examples of such activities have included sport practices, sport clinics, working with a tutor and music lessons.

If your child will be participating in an extra-curricular activity whilst attending Out of School Hours Care please complete the Extra-Curricular Activities Consent Form and return it to Nailsworth Primary School OSHC, as the legislative framework requires that written consent must be supplied to the OSHC prior to commencement.  

Download the Extra Curricular Consent Form

In order for your child to be collected by anyone other than a parent or guardian the individual must be listed on your child’s enrolment form.  They will be asked to provide photo identification before your child will be released into their care. 

If you have someone under the age of 18 collecting your child we ask that you email the service, with their personal details and a photograph acknowledging that they have permission to collect your child. 


Red Hats

All children who attend Nailsworth Primary School OSHC are required to have a red hat to wear whilst playing in the school yard, and on excursions in the community. 

You can purchase hats via the QKR! App.

Advisory Committee

The Nailsworth Primary School Council is responsible for the organisation and management of the Out of School Hours Care program, and this is done through the Out of School Hours Care Advisory Committee. 

The Advisory Committee is composed of parent, School Council and School Staff representatives and the OSHC Director. 

The Advisory Committee meets once a term and reports to the School Council.  All families are welcome to join or assist the Advisory Committee. 

 OSHC Advisory Committee Roles and Responsibilities 



Hubhello Australia Instructions
Vacation Care

Vacation Care bookings can only be accepted once an enrolment form has been received. 

The Vacation Care Program is advertised and open for booking three weeks prior to the school holiday period. 

Bookings are to be made via the Hubhello Australia app or website https://www.hubhello.com

Dec 2023 – Jan 2024 Vacation Care Program

If your child has any additional needs including medical, physiological or dietary, an updated Risk Minimisation form and/or Health Care Plan is also required prior to attendance. 

Please also ensure that if you have medication that expires during school holiday periods, it is provided prior to the end of term. 

Cancellations of bookings for care during Vacation Care must be made by emailing nailsworthoshc@gmail.com or sending a text to 0497 857 049.  Cancellations made during the school holidays must be made by the close of business on the last Monday of term to not incur a fee.  All cancellations for the January school holiday period need to be made by the close of business prior to the Christmas Closure to not incur a fee.  

In the case of your child being unwell and a medical certificate can be provided the fee will be waived.  For any unforeseen circumstances, it will be at the discretion of OSHC leadership. 

Health Support Planning
Law and Regulations

Nailsworth Primary School OSHC is regulated under the Education and Care Services National Law (South Australia) and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 and is assessed and rated against the National Quality Standard