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Anyone can volunteer their time and skills at Nailsworth Primary School. We welcome volunteers in all roles at our school. Volunteers can help children with their reading and numeracy, mentor students, coach a sports team, assist at camps or on excursions, join a school committee, and help at fundraising events.

Volunteers at Nailsworth Primary School can contribute to real change in a child’s life. They can help in creating a happy, safe and supportive environment for them to learn within; assist children to be strong, creative and resilient; become an active contributor to our school’s learning environment; and support our school staff.

All Department for Education (DfE) schools are mandated to comply with the Volunteer Policy and its accompanying Procedure. In order to be a DfE and Nailsworth Primary School volunteer you firstly need to complete and sign the attached ‘Volunteer Application Form and Declaration’. 

Completed forms are to be returned to the school’s Front Office. You will then be notified via an email about the next steps in the process before volunteering at Nailsworth Primary School can occur.

Nailsworth Primary School values all volunteers and we look forward to welcoming many new volunteers to our site. We strongly believe that volunteers do make a difference.


For more information about volunteering, please email Toni Ballard (toni.ballard257@schools.sa.edu.au)

Application to Volunteer Form (PDF)