Leadership Team

Get to know the team 

Jenny Parhas – Principal

Jenny firmly believes in self-empowerment and growth, innovation, trust, mutual respect and kindness. These qualities are demonstrated in her strategic and instructional leadership, where she targets learning by analysing and applying data whilst promoting collaborative teamwork in order to drive growth and impact for our learners. 

Jenny models lifelong learning and is passionate about working with children, families, colleagues and the wider community to discover the learner’s educational passion and purpose.

She attended a small country school, Lyrup Primary School, followed by Glossop High School, before completing her Bachelor of Education at the Flinders University.

Jenny has engaged in many varying roles, including reception – year 12 classroom teaching across all mainstream subjects and modern Greek, in addition to numerous leadership roles including wellbeing, literacy and numeracy, International Program Leader, assistant principal and deputy principal positions.

She worked across many primary schools including in the Riverland region, Campbelltown Primary School, Charles Campbell College and most recently Walkerville Primary School. Jenny is an accredited CIS (Council of International Schools) member, tasked with evaluating a schools’ capacity to improve student learning, sustain high performance and pivot new directions, in accordance with prevailing International Standards. She is also trained as middle years International Baccalaureate leader.

Together with her leadership team, staff, the Governing Council and broader school community, Jenny is excited to build on Nailsworth Primary School’s reputation as a high performing school, by leading and cultivating a world class learning environment. Her vision is to inspire her learning community to actively engage with the school and local Prospect community, whilst becoming positive, happy and significant global citizens of the future. 


Toni Ballard - Deputy Principal

Toni is the Deputy Principal at Nailsworth Primary School. Together with the school’s principal, Toni ensures the safe and functional operation of the school site. This encompasses ensuring all departmental policies are adhered, learning outcomes are met and our school provides a safe, welcoming and optimum learning and working environment for all staff and students.

A key component of Toni’s position is leading the support and guidance of curriculum planning, curriculum delivery and the analysation of student outcomes with staff across all year levels. She oversees the strategic and coordinated action required to contribute to the improved learning outcomes for all students. Toni supports staff to build their capabilities to provide high standard quality teaching and learning programs with inclusive philosophies so all students achieve their potential best. Toni further provides leadership and support for families and students in Year 3 and Year 4.


Bahareh Javidi - Assistant Principal, Leading Learning and Engagement

Bahareh Javidi is the Assistant Principal, Leading Learning and Engagement at Nailsworth Primary School. She began her teaching career in 2011 and has been in educational leadership for the past 6 years. Bahareh is a certified Lead Teacher with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, and is a certified Assessor, supporting other aspiring educators to improve their teaching practice and achieve highly accomplished teaching accreditation.
Bahareh believes that educators and school communities play a significant role in supporting student’s wellbeing and, in turn, student learning outcomes. She is committed to creating positive learning environments where everyone feels welcomed, valued and challenged to achieve social, emotional and academic excellence. She believes that students are at the centre of everything we do and aspires for children to view themselves as life-long learners.
Bahareh values student agency, encouraging active participation and decision-making in their educational journey. By fostering a sense of empowerment and ownership, she aims to instil a greater sense of responsibility and autonomy in each student at Nailsworth Primary School, contributing to a more enriching and personalised learning experience. Bahareh further provides leadership and support for families and students in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2.


Belinda Sciacca - Assistant Principal Leading Learning and inclusion

Belinda is the Assistant Principal, leading whole school wellbeing and inclusion.
Together with the students, staff, and community, she is committed to fostering an engaging and student-centered environment, supporting the growth, development, and flourishing of all students.

Belinda’s focus in education is on nurturing each child’s overall wellbeing and growth. She prioritizes fostering positive relationships with students, staff, and the community, working to know everyone in the community personally. She believes these connections are vital to creating an environment where everyone feels supported and valued, fostering each child’s success through a sense of belonging and understanding.

Over her years in education, she has worn various hats—teacher, school leader—across a spectrum of school sizes and types. Throughout these experiences, a constant remains: her unwavering investment in the students. She deeply values and acknowledges the diverse cultures, backgrounds, and needs of every student and their families. Understanding and appreciating these differences allows her to create an inclusive and supportive environment where each student can thrive.

The core of who Belinda is centre’s around two significant pillars: her family and her role as an educational leader. These aspects drive her unyielding passion for ongoing improvements in both the school and the students’ lives. Being a mother herself, she has long held onto the belief that nurturing a child involves a collective effort—a proverbial ‘village.’ Belinda further provides leadership and support for families and students in Year 5 and Year 6.


Marika Glouftsis - Learning Coach

Marika is a Learning and Wellbeing Coach who works across all Foundation to Year 6 classes, supporting and working alongside teachers and our student support officers.

Marika has been a teacher at Nailsworth Primary School for 10 years and has been connected to this wonderful community for most of her life. Supporting student, staff and community wellbeing and promoting positive mental health has been a strong passion of Marika’s for many years. At Nailsworth Primary, building a sense of belonging for all students and families is what guides our core values.

This semester, Marika is working closely with the year 2 team to implement and deliver our literacy program to composite class.



Vassi Diamantis - Business Manager

Vassi is committed to advancing the government education system and aligning with the values of the South Australian government. Her mission is to transform both business management knowledge and school systems, ensuring they are well-prepared to deliver optimal learning outcomes for every student.

In her capacity as the head of the administration team and facilities, Vassi leads with unwavering positivity, consistently exploring opportunities to enhance overall school improvements.

Leveraging her extensive background in the private finance sector, Vassi brings a distinctive perspective to her role as the business leader for Nailsworth Primary. With a track record of successfully managing financial strategies and promoting fiscal responsibility, Vassi is adept at optimizing resource allocation and fostering financial sustainability within the educational context. Her experience in the private finance sector positions Vassi to provide valuable insights and strategic financial acumen, enhancing the overall financial health of our educational institution.

Vassi’s primary focus revolves around cultivating a world-class education experience within our school, ensuring excellence in every aspect of learning and development.