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At Nailsworth Primary School, we believe that a successful transition to school is dependent on a consistent and thorough transition process. We aim to ensure all families feel connected to our staff, our students, our leaders and our community members. We strongly value positive, student-centred transition experiences for all children who enrol at Nailsworth Primary School. Our transition programs enable our school staff to work collaboratively with the staff from all our feeder Kindergartens across the year to ensure that we have a deep insight about the interests, strengths and skills of all children transitioning to Nailsworth Primary School. We aim to:

  • Connect with kindergartens in our local area
  • Welcome new families to the school and allow children, parents and staff to familiarise themselves with each other and the school setting in a positive and relaxed way
  • Develop familiarity and a sense of belonging for children and their families to the school community
  • Enhance children’s social and emotional development by establishing and building positive relationships with teachers, school staff and peers